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Phone Directory

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Local Ministry Depts.
Staff Member
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800-979-9010 or
(920) 494-9010
Accounting & Donations Katie Connell 106
Assistant Program Director Matt Metzler 107
Board President Lee Dudek  
Broadcast Signal Expansion Mike LeMay 101
Day Sponsorships Nancy LeMay 108
Discipleship/Evangelism Director Mike LeMay 101
Employee Matching Gifts Katie Connell 106
Engineering/Maintenance Scotty 104
Events/Promotions Katie Connell 106
Fundraising Opportunities Katie Connell 106
Crash Connell 110
General Inquiries/Feedback Nancy LeMay 108
*General Manager Mike LeMay 101
Graphic Designer/Publications Jeff Strommen 113
*HopeNet 360, Youth Services Jeff Strommen 113
Table Talk Nancy LeMay 108
On-Air Personalities Scotty 104
Mike LeMay 101
Nancy LeMay 108
Dave Fiorazo 105
Matt Metzler 107
Jeff Strommen 113
Crash Connell 110
Kevin John 111
*Operations Manager Crash Connell 110
Prayer/Intercession Coordinator Dave Fiorazo 105
Production/Podcasts Director Matt Metzler 107
PSAs/Q-Tips Submit Form  
Social Media & Web Marketing Crash Connell 110
Stand Up for the Truth Mike LeMay 101
Streaming Audio ChristianNetcast.com FAQ
Teaching Shows Mike LeMay 101
Underwriting/Business Sponsorships Crash Connell 110
Katie Connell 106
Volunteers/Q-Drive Coordinator Nancy LeMay 108