Past Polls

Pick one thing you love the most about your local church?
Pre/post service fellowship 12.86%
The opening singing/worship time 27.14%
Coffee/snacks before service 4.29%
Small groups outside the church 4.29%
The weekly church teaching from the pulpit 51.43%
What bible translation do you prefer during your Word study?
King James Version 12.82%
New International Version 23.08%
New American Standard Bible 28.21%
English Standard Version 25.64%
Other 10.26%
Tell us what you want 'more' of on the Q (pick one)?
More Rock (Skillet, Disciple, Project 86) 45.48%
More Hip-Hop (Lacrae, Manwell, NF) 15.69%
More Pop (Britt Nicole, Family Force 5, For King & Country) 17.02%
More Crossovers (Chris Tomlin, Hillsong United, MercyMe) 10.37%
More Worship (Passion, Crowder, Kari Jobe) 11.44%
Which platform do you engage with the most?
Facebook 82.95%
Instagram 2.33%
Twitter 5.43%
YouTube 2.33%
None of these 6.98%
Out of the 5 of Q90FM's core values, which ONE speaks to your heart the MOST?
Share the gospel with the lost 38.76%
Pray daily for our listeners and community 9.09%
Build strong Christian families 25.36%
Lead young people to the hope of Jesus Christ 22.49%
Partner with organizations that share our biblical values 4.31%
What's your favorite season of the year?
Summer 37.25%
Autumn 33.33%
Winter 9.8%
Spring 7.84%
All of them, no preference. 11.76%
(In mins) how far do you travel for church worship (one-way)?
under 15 mins 68.18%
15-30 mins 22.73%
30-45 mins 9.09%
45-60 mins 0%
I don't attend church worship. 0%
If you had to pick just one, what is your most favorite grill time food?
Brats 29.63%
Hot Dogs 7.41%
Chicken 5.56%
Steak 37.04%
Burgers 20.37%
How much time do you spend in God's Word?
15-30 mins per week 30.43%
30-60 mins per week 13.04%
1-3 hours per week 39.13%
More than 3 hours per week 14.49%
I don't read the Bible 2.9%
What do you think would help strengthen Christianity in America? (Pick just one)
If believers stopped judging others, pointing out bad behavior, and let our actions speak; also, if we showed more love and tolerance. 8.33%
If Christians stopped being hypocritical by conforming to the world and blending in with society. 12.5%
If true, professing Christians would believe, read, study and apply the Bible to our daily lives, putting Christ first. 33.33%
If more pastors preached the whole counsel of God - including sin & repentance - from the Bible rather than trying to be seeker-sensitive. 33.33%
If we truly humbled ourselves, prayed, turned from our wicked ways, and lived what we profess to believe. 12.5%
What are your thoughts on Halloween?
It is harmless and Christians can celebrate it in clean, fun ways. 26.21%
It is evil and Christians should not have anything to do with such a godless, secular holiday. 14.56%
I don't celebrate it, but have no problem with other Christians that do enjoy Halloween. 5.83%
Christians should know its satanic history, witchcraft & occult practices, and should avoid every form of evil including justifying such celebrations. 44.66%
We need to lighten up and not take all this so seriously. There are lots of secular holidays in America. 8.74%
Two parts: do you think Christians in America are more open to same-sex marriage today than we were 50 years ago? Is homosexuality a sin according to the Bible?
No, and yes 13.51%
No, and no 0%
Yes, and yes 77.03%
Yes, and no 9.46%
I'm not sure 0%
What new Q90 FM program are you most interested in or excited about?
Understanding the Times with Jan Markell 14.29%
Empowered by Praise hosted by Dave Fiorazo 42.86%
Real Life with Pastor Jack Hibbs 21.43%
Truth for Life with Alistair Begg 14.29%
Naomi's Table hosted by Amy Spreeman 7.14%
What statement best describes what you believe about MARRIAGE?
Let the voters and the states decide 0%
There should be a federal law legalizing same-sex marriage 0%
Biblical marriage is between one man and one woman, no exceptions 100%
The Church needs to be more vocal about this issue 0%
People should be able to marry whoever they want 0%
Do you think God is judging America?
Yes, it has begun 68.18%
No, not yet 22.73%
I'm not sure 9.09%
What do you think is the best Christmas movie or TV special of all time?
A Charlie Brown Christmas 27.4%
It's A Wonderful Life 36.99%
A Christmas Carol 13.7%
Christmas Story 9.59%
Miracle on 34th Street 12.33%