Past Polls

What do you think would help strengthen Christianity in America? (Pick just one)
If believers stopped judging others, pointing out bad behavior, and let our actions speak; also, if we showed more love and tolerance. 8.33%
If Christians stopped being hypocritical by conforming to the world and blending in with society. 12.5%
If true, professing Christians would believe, read, study and apply the Bible to our daily lives, putting Christ first. 33.33%
If more pastors preached the whole counsel of God - including sin & repentance - from the Bible rather than trying to be seeker-sensitive. 33.33%
If we truly humbled ourselves, prayed, turned from our wicked ways, and lived what we profess to believe. 12.5%
What are your thoughts on Halloween?
It is harmless and Christians can celebrate it in clean, fun ways. 26.21%
It is evil and Christians should not have anything to do with such a godless, secular holiday. 14.56%
I don't celebrate it, but have no problem with other Christians that do enjoy Halloween. 5.83%
Christians should know its satanic history, witchcraft & occult practices, and should avoid every form of evil including justifying such celebrations. 44.66%
We need to lighten up and not take all this so seriously. There are lots of secular holidays in America. 8.74%
Of the following choices, which one do you think is most influential on children's behavior?
Television 28.68%
Public Education 23.26%
Music 10.85%
Movies 4.65%
Peer Pressure 32.56%
Two parts: do you think Christians in America are more open to same-sex marriage today than we were 50 years ago? Is homosexuality a sin according to the Bible?
No, and yes 13.51%
No, and no 0%
Yes, and yes 77.03%
Yes, and no 9.46%
I'm not sure 0%
What new Q90 FM program are you most interested in or excited about?
Understanding the Times with Jan Markell 14.29%
Empowered by Praise hosted by Dave Fiorazo 42.86%
Real Life with Pastor Jack Hibbs 21.43%
Truth for Life with Alistair Begg 14.29%
Naomi's Table hosted by Amy Spreeman 7.14%
What statement best describes what you believe about MARRIAGE?
Let the voters and the states decide 0%
There should be a federal law legalizing same-sex marriage 0%
Biblical marriage is between one man and one woman, no exceptions 100%
The Church needs to be more vocal about this issue 0%
People should be able to marry whoever they want 0%
What is your favorite style of Christian music? (You can vote for more than one!)
Contemporary 20.43%
Rock 41.94%
Rap 13.98%
Worship 13.98%
Classics (prior to 1999) 9.68%
Do you think God is judging America?
Yes, it has begun 68.18%
No, not yet 22.73%
I'm not sure 9.09%
Did you set New Year's resolutions?
yes 27.59%
no 24.14%
kind of 34.48%
I used to but not anymore 13.79%
Does one of the following describe the major problem with immorality in America?
Christians have conformed to culture and have blended in with the world instead of being salt and light 62.5%
We have allowed Hollywood and Media to push their anti-biblical agenda and programming with little resistance 0%
Too many people focus on politics or rely upon government when the real issue is the lack of Christian influence in culture 12.5%
Public education has moved away from the Judeo-Christian history, values, and principles the founders intended and that once made America stronger morally 0%
It all starts at home with teaching and training children in the Bible and providing them a foundation that cannot be shaken when they get out into the world 25%
Halloween Controversy? What best describes your views on Christians and Halloween?
Halloween is harmless and we should celebrate just like everyone else 9.09%
Halloween is evil due to it's history and roots; Christians should be very discerning 18.18%
It's just for the kids and candy, they have no idea why they dress up in costumes 6.06%
Christians should hold Halloween alternatives for concerned families 30.3%
Christians should understand the Bible, Occult practices, and Witchcraft while avoiding any celebration or tradition that does not lead to Jesus Christ 36.36%
Football fans, what do you think the Packers' record will be at the end of this season?
8 - 8 2.5%
9 - 7 10%
10 - 6 27.5%
11 - 5 35%
12 - 4 25%
Pick One: As Christians, what issue do you think should be the most important in America?
Life: passing abortion laws, reducing abortion, eliminate federal funding for Planned Parenthood 39.02%
Social Justice: helping the poor through government programs via increased taxes 7.32%
Marriage: Protecting traditional marriage and family; not legalizing same-sex unions 24.39%
Economy: Jobs & employment, energy prices, and the national debt 17.07%
Freedom: Government expansion and the threat of more federal control and involvement in our lives 12.2%
What are you most looking forward to about Fall?
Cooler temps & no - more - humidity! 33.33%
Back to school 10.26%
The Packers & football season 17.95%
I'm actually not looking forward to it; I like Summer too much 25.64%
Christmas season is getting closer and closer 12.82%
If you TEXT or EMAIL while driving often or occasionally, tell us your age range.
16 -19 years old 15.62%
20 - 29 21.88%
30 - 41 9.38%
42 or older 0%
I have never done it and never will 53.12%
What do you think is the biggest reason that many Christians have conformed to our culture in America instead of resisting ungodliness and standing out as Christ's ambassadors?
Living like the world is much easier than living according to the Bible 9.52%
Pastors and church leaders have not been strong enough in their teaching and preaching 14.29%
We have given in to apathy and complacency instead of growing in Christ 26.19%
We don't fear the Lord and we don't know the Bible as well as we should 19.05%
all of the above (easy answer) 30.95%
What do you like about Summer?
The weather & being outside 50%
Going on vacations 3.85%
Spending more time with family or friends 23.08%
Church events, concerts, picnics, etc. 15.38%
Boating, fishing, swimming, or water-skiing 7.69%
Out of these 5 influential people, who is your favorite Christian in the public eye?
Kirk Cameron 18.57%
Rebecca St. James 22.86%
Tim Tebow 28.57%
Sarah Palin 18.57%
Franklin Graham 11.43%
Out of these five choices, what one do you think is the most UNDER-rated Q90 FM artist or band?
Addison Road 29.63%
Downhere 33.33%
Satellites & Sirens 14.81%
Reilly 7.41%
Starfield 14.81%
Does it bug you that we've had very little snow this Winter in Wisconsin?
Bug me? Ah, no. I love it and I sure don't miss shoveling 13.04%
Yes, I miss skiing 4.35%
Yes. We still have not used our snowmobile. 0%
Yes, I just like the snow, it's beautiful 34.78%
I'm kinda torn - I miss the snow but I'm not complaining 47.83%
When you consider watching/supporting a movie, does an actor's religion or political views affect your decision to see the movie or not?
yes, most of the time 21.74%
yes, some of the time 43.48%
no, not at all 21.74%
it depends on how vocal or public the actor is in their views 13.04%
What do you think about Tim Tebow?
I admire his faith and boldness for Christ no matter what people think 63.46%
He's a great leader and Christian example but average NFL quarterback 17.31%
He's a Winner and a great role model 11.54%
He should keep his faith to himself and just let his actions speak 0%
Some hate him just because he is a pro-life Christian and walks the talk 7.69%
Football fans, what do you think the Packers' record will be at the end of this season?
8 - 8 63.46%
9 - 7 17.31%
10 - 6 11.54%
11 - 5 0%
12 - 4 7.69%
Football fans, what do you think the Packers' record will be at the end of this season?
8 - 8 63.46%
9 - 7 17.31%
10 - 6 11.54%
11 - 5 0%
12 - 4 7.69%
What do you think is the best Christmas movie or TV special of all time?
A Charlie Brown Christmas 27.4%
It's A Wonderful Life 36.99%
A Christmas Carol 13.7%
Christmas Story 9.59%
Miracle on 34th Street 12.33%
Thanksgiving Leftovers: How long did they last at your house?
What leftovers?! 10.71%
A couple of days 14.29%
Through the weekend 25%
About a week 32.14%
Thanksgiving dinner was at someone else's house 17.86%
Out of these unique sounding Q90 artists, which one do you like the best?
Group 1 Crew 18.75%
Needtobreathe 28.12%
Downhere 21.88%
Jamie Grace 6.25%
Owl City 25%
Which of these Q90 FM artists do you like the best?
Red 8.33%
Decyfer Down 4.17%
Thousand Foot Krutch 25%
Disciple 29.17%
Switchfoot 33.33%
It's October: What do you think of when you hear this?
Pumpkins 26.09%
Colder or Rainy weather 8.7%
Football 26.09%
Beautiful Fall colors 30.43%
Halloween 8.7%
Packers Fans! How do you think the Packers will do in their first SIX games?
2 - 4 3.12%
3 - 3 6.25%
4 - 2 12.5%
5 - 1 53.12%
6 - 0 25%
What do you most look forward to in the Fall?
Back to school 6.06%
Less heat and humidity 27.27%
Football season - Go Pack, Go! 36.36%
Having a more 'normal' schedule again 18.18%
Upcoming concerts, new music, movies, and TV shows 12.12%
What do you spend the LEAST amount of time doing?
praying 10.64%
keeping up with the news 12.77%
texting 51.06%
talking to my family 4.26%
reading 21.28%
Who do you think has more power or influence in America?
The President 3.49%
The Media 56.98%
Hollywood 11.63%
Wealthy Corporations or Individuals 9.3%
The American People 18.6%
What do you think is the most controversial or divisive issue among Christians?
Abortion 17.11%
Gay Marriage 25%
Politics & Government 19.74%
False Teachings 30.26%
Social Justice & Environmentalism 7.89%
Answer honestly and help us with Q90 Programming: How often do you listen to the Q?
once or twice a week 1.72%
several times a week 15.52%
every day 32.76%
several times a day 29.31%
hours at a time every day 20.69%
What version of the Bible do you read the most?
King James or New King James 16.13%
New American Standard 14.52%
New International Version 56.45%
New Living translation 4.84%
Revised Standard, Amplified, The Message, or 'Other' 8.06%
Are there real places called Heaven and Hell?
Yes 87.88%
No 0%
Heaven is a real place, Hell is not 12.12%
They are real places but people go to Heaven, not Hell 0%
Are you a fan of, do you watch, or pay any attention to:
The Oscars 9.59%
The Grammys 6.85%
Golden Globes 2.74%
Dove Awards 15.07%
No. Most award shows are a waste of time 65.75%
Make a Super Bowl prediction!
Packers win in a close game. 56.9%
Packers win comfortably. 32.76%
Steelers win in a close game. 6.9%
Steelers win comfortably. 0%
Not a big football fan so just hoping for an exciting game. 3.45%
What do you think about the new Q90 show, 'Stand Up for the Truth'?
You guys should stick to all music 13.33%
I absolutely love the show and am learning a lot 23.03%
Very thought-provoking and challenging in a good way 30.3%
It's about time a Christian station talked straight about controversial issues 25.45%
I disagree with airing the show and think we should be more tolerant of all people and faiths 7.88%
Did you set Goals or Resolutions for the 2011?
Nope. They don't work because I end up caving in. 11.11%
Yes. I set a bunch and usually reach one or two. 9.26%
No. They're a waste of time. 20.37%
Yes. even if I don't reach them, I become a better person for trying. 40.74%
Absolutely. I set new ones every year. 18.52%
Do you think the Christian Church in America is...
blending in with/conforming to the world too much? 32.08%
lacking spiritual disciplines of prayer, Bible study, evangelism, and worship? 30.19%
finally starting to draw closer to Jesus and wake up again? 11.32%
divided because of doctrinal and political issues? 22.64%
getting closer and closer to an awakening or revival? 3.77%
What's your take on Global Warming or Climate Change?
The earth has been changing since creation and has nothing to do with man 27.59%
We need to be responsible while we're here but the Bible says the earth will be destroyed by God 37.93%
It's just another argument for government to take more control of our lives 18.97%
Man-caused warming is a fact of research 5.17%
There is not enough scientific evidence on either side of the climate debate 10.34%
Who is your favorite on-air personality on Q90 FM?
Kid Raider 19.7%
Scotty 15.91%
Donna Cruz 12.88%
Dave Fiorazo 30.3%
Matt Metzler 21.21%
When chosing a church to attend, what is MOST important to you?
location of the church 7.5%
solid, meatty Biblical teaching 57.5%
good worship 30%
kids programs 2.5%
opportunities to serve 2.5%
More American voters are paying attention to news and politics today than ever before. Are you one of them?
Nope. I only worry about what affects me, personally. 3.45%
No. In fact, I probably pay less attention because there's too much bad news. 17.24%
Yes, I'm more informed than I've ever been before. 48.28%
Yes, I pay more attention and attend meetings or rallies and can't wait to vote in November! 13.79%
Both c and d 17.24%
What is the biggest hinderance to Christians influencing American culture and society?
apathy in the church 19.05%
Hollywood's strong negative influence- TV shows, movies, and magazines 38.1%
liberal indoctrination in the national media and public education 14.29%
extreme lack of integrity, morals, and values in government and politics 19.05%
Even Christians are overly influenced by our ungodly society and culture 9.52%
What do you think the Packers biggest need is this season?
a healthy or improved offensive line 21.05%
a strong running game/replacement for Ryan Grant 36.84%
a new special teams coach or philosophy 10.53%
more discipline, focus, and intensity overall as a team 21.05%
better pass defense 10.53%
How do you feel about September arriving already?
What?! There's NO way it's Fall again! 16.67%
Seems like it was just Memorial Day 22.22%
Great! Less mosquitos, finally! 0%
Fall is my favorite season so I'm happy 44.44%
I don't care. time just seems to fly by too fast 16.67%
What will be the Packers record after the first 5 games?
5 - 0 38.89%
4 - 1 50%
3 - 2 11.11%
2 - 3 0%
How long do you think you could go without all your tech devices; phones, iPods, computer, blackberry, television, etc?
Ya, right! How about while I'm sleeping. 14.89%
a few hours to a half day 2.13%
about 24 - 36 hours 6.38%
one to three days...maybe 31.91%
about a week 44.68%
Do you believe that America is still a Christian nation?
yes 26.47%
no 23.53%
not sure 17.65%
depends on how 'Christian nation' is defined 32.35%
What is the biggest challenge or issue facing the Church today?
ABORTION: Lack of awareness; desensitivity 8.77%
The re-defining of tolerance and acceptance 22.81%
Not enough discipling or follow-up of young Christians 7.02%
Weak preaching or watered down sermons 15.79%
Lukewarm or comfortable Christianity 45.61%
Where do you get the most balanced and unbiased news?
Network television news 16.28%
Cable news and the Internet 20.93%
Cable news, the Internet, and/or talk radio 39.53%
Newspapers and the Internet 13.95%
The Internet only 9.3%
After issues such as abortion, our Chrisitan heritage, or free speech, which one of these concerns you the most about America?
Securing our borders 12.12%
Higher taxes 10.61%
The massive expansion of government 39.39%
Paying for the Health Care bill 9.09%
The growing national debt and lack of budget 28.79%
Playoffs?! Sports Illustrated ranks the Packers #1...are they crazy?
Nope. Protect Rodgers, win more games. 25%
Nope. Lots of players returning from last years 11-5 team 11.54%
Hmmm, it's WAY too soon for this kind of talk 21.15%
Yes, they're crazy - unless a miracle happens with our pass defense 19.23%
A top 5 or 10 team maybe but #1 might be a stretch 23.08%
What best describes your take on the devastating Gulf Coast oil spill?
With technology today, it's baffling that they STILL haven't stopped the leak! 21.62%
Why didn't the media report the WHOLE story from day one? 5.41%
This should NOT be made into a political issue, shame on them. 18.92%
What took the Obama administration so long to get engaged and try finding a solution? 18.92%
It's sad - they need to FIX IT and stop pointing fingers! 35.14%
What's your FAVORITE thing to do on the Fourth of July?
Travel 0%
Spend time with family 35.29%
Spend time with friends 29.41%
Play, relax, maybe read or head for some water 11.76%
Grill out! 23.53%
How are you doing this year financially, compared to last year?
About the same 61.9%
Better 28.57%
Worse 4.76%
Much worse! 4.76%
WISCONSIN friends: Do you plan on visiting the new Q90 FM studios in De Pere?
yes 32.26%
no 12.9%
maybe 35.48%
I'll be making a special trip to the area for the Open House, May 21/22 11.29%
already have 8.06%
What's your take on Tiger Woods?
just let the guy alone 20.83%
there's been WAY too much media coverage of him 31.25%
he needs to take care of his addictions instead of playing golf 20.83%
I'm not sure what to think 8.33%
who cares, I mean, really! 18.75%
Please pick one to help us get to know our listeners better! I am...
actively involved with Q90 FM: I call in for contests, visit the staff/studio regularly, ask for prayer, donate financially to the ministry, or volunteer when possible 13.08%
somewhat involved: I call in for contests, visit the staff/studio on occasion, ask for prayer or donate financially to the ministry, 14.95%
in contact with the Q: I call in for contests and stop by when I win prizes, 22.43%
a newer listener, less than one year; call in occasionally and haven't got involved yet but plan to! 10.28%
a frequent listener but haven't been to the studios/haven't met the staff 39.25%
Where do you think honesty and integrity is lacking the most?
In the corporate world 15.79%
In journalism and the media 42.11%
In professional sports 0%
In government 36.84%
In the church 5.26%
How would you describe your relationship with God through Jesus Christ?
close, spirit-filled, or passionate 33.33%
could be better; average, or comfortable 45.83%
lukewarm, but I plan to change that and draw closer to Him 16.67%
a bit distant, little effort on my part, or, I don't feel committed to Christ 4.17%
What?! I can have a relationship? 0%
Are way more advanced, mature and educated because of technology 6.25%
Are more advanced technologically but not as mature and educated 34.38%
Are less educated & more easily distracted due to TOO many tech tools and toys; Not sure about maturity 28.12%
Are less advanced or educated even though there's access to info. that past generations never had; 15.62%
Are much less advanced relating to people, work ethic, and also spend less face time with friends 15.62%
What's your favorite Girl Scout cookie?
Thin Mints 43.1%
Samoas 22.41%
Tagalongs 10.34%
Do-Si-Dos 15.52%
Shortbread 8.62%
Out of these, which 'fruit of the Spirit' would you like to see more of in your life?
Love 13.33%
Peace 10.67%
Patience 18.67%
Faith 21.33%
Self Control 36%
Who's your favorite Q90 FM 'S' band?
Switchfoot 23.61%
Skillet 30.56%
Superchick 18.06%
Stellar Kart 12.5%
Sanctus Real or Sarah Kelly 15.28%
What has helped you be more thankful, keep your perspective, or take less for granted in your life?
The death, destruction and tragedy in Haiti 13.33%
Losing a family member or friend to disease or accident 20%
Reminders of brave men and women in the military serving our country 15.56%
Being around people of faith, or going to church 46.67%
The loss of a job in my family 4.44%
What's your take on Brett Favre?
I hope he plays one more year cuz he's good for the NFL 20.69%
I hope he plays one more year so the Packers can beat him! 13.79%
I could care less about football 15.52%
Glad the Vikings lost and hope he retires 36.21%
Yea, Saints! 13.79%
Did you make resolutions or set goals for this year?
no 40.79%
yes 30.26%
I still plan to make them for the first time this year 5.26%
It's a waste of time because I don't keep most of them 3.95%
some years I do and some years I don't 19.74%
If you had to pick ONE of these, where do you think Christ is needed most?
in public schools 22.86%
in sports 0%
in government 17.14%
in families, at home 38.57%
in the media 21.43%
Where is your thermostat set during the Winter?
over 75 during the day, around 70 overnight 0%
between 72 and 75 daytime; below 72 at night 3.51%
same tempreature day and night 21.05%
between 68 and 72 daytime; under 68 overnight 45.61%
65 or lower daytime; 60 or lower overnight 29.82%
Honesty check: Which of these things have you done the most while driving?
eating 19.44%
talking on your cell phone 20.83%
text messaging 0%
fiddling with the radio or CD player 40.28%
all of these! 19.44%
NOW what do you think the PACKERS record will be at the end of the season?
8-8 3.7%
9-7 7.41%
10-6 40.74%
11-5 40.74%
12-4 7.41%
What's your favorite Christmas treat?
ANYTHING with chocolate 30.3%
those famous seven layer bars 3.03%
Christmas cookies 36.36%
pumpkin or any other PIE 18.18%
Candy canes 12.12%
is it! 30%
is disgusting! 42.5%
depends on what you put in it (smile) 7.5%
ehh, it's okay 20%
Do you care if people say Merry Christmas or happy holidays? If so, do you support businesses who mention Christmas?
No, I don't care. People can say whatever they want. 15.15%
Yes, I care, and I make an effort to shop where Christmas is openly welcomed. 33.33%
Yes, but it's not a big deal & I'll spend money wherever there's a sale. 12.12%
This is a HUGE free speech issue, and a reflection of where the country is going, removing references to God and Jesus while forgetting our national roots. 34.34%
There is no Christmas controversy. 5.05%
What best describes your Christmas shopping habits?
I get my shopping done before Thanksgiving 22.64%
I do most of it on black Friday 13.21%
I don't shop at all, someone else does it 16.98%
I don't shop at all, don't exchange presents 7.55%
Unfortunately, I am a last minute shopper 39.62%
is the best dessert, period. It rocks! 57.83%
is not worth all the calories and fat 13.25%
is just okay 19.28%
YUCK! 9.64%
Unemployment is now higher than 10%. Why do you think the $787 Billion dollar economic stimulus hasn't worked?
Too much money went to special interest groups and lobbyists instead of job creation 38.18%
Not enough money was scheduled to be spent THIS year when it's most needed 3.64%
I think it IS working, the economy is on the upswing and lots of jobs have been saved 7.27%
Massive spending has never been effective whenever government is involved 40%
I'm undecided. There are good points on both sides. 10.91%
Other than help with the offensive line, what do you think the Packers need most now & in the future?
A better head coach 14.29%
More talented players 1.79%
A General Manager who signs more NFL free agents instead of relying on the draft and young college players 17.86%
The Giants, Falcons, 49ers, Eagles, and Cowboys to lose as many games as possible! 14.29%
More discipline, focus, intensity, and to play up to the level they're capable of 51.79%
When you watch TV, do you pay attention to the commercials?
Yes, sometimes they’re better than what I’m watching 8.97%
Yes, what else am I going to do? 10.26%
No, I either change channels or mute the TV 12.82%
No, most commercials are way to annoying and foul 25.64%
No. That's usually when I go to the kitchen, bathroom, or do a short task in the house. 42.31%
When you’re not listening to Q90 FM, what else do you mostly listen to?
Nothing. I spend more time on my cell, I-phone, or blackberry 2.6%
Other Christian radio stations 23.38%
CD’s or my I-pod 48.05%
Talk radio 18.18%
Internet stations or videos 7.79%
What’s your take on the President winning the Nobel Peace Prize?
WHAT?! No way, when did that happen? 15.58%
He deserves it for what he talks about and what he plans to do 3.9%
He hasn't accomplished anything to even be considered 46.75%
It gives people all over the world hope for world peace 5.19%
The Nobel has become so political it has lost its meaning and value 28.57%
What do you think about the war in Afghanistan?
I agree with the President that it’s a war of necessity 3.66%
We should pull out our troops and stop wasting lives and money 12.2%
We must finish the job or we’d be wasting precious lives and money 35.37%
Our generals are requesting more troops so follow through and complete the mission. They know best. 36.59%
I don’t pay much attention to the news/don’t know what’s happening over there 12.2%
Are you going to a Packers game this season?
I've already gone to one 6.93%
I have tickets for one or two 10.89%
Yea baby - season tickets!! 1.98%
Nope, I'd love to but can't afford it 41.58%
No way. I'd rather watch games in the comforts of home on a nice TV 38.61%
Will the Packers make the play-offs this season?
Absolutely, and they might make it to the NFC Championship game 7.69%
Yes, they’ll have at least a home play-off game 24.04%
Yes, they’ll win the division 9.62%
No, not unles we can protect Rodgers and run the ball consistently. 43.27%
No, the Vikings will be one step ahead this season no matter how well we play. 15.38%
How long have you been listening to Q90 FM?
more than six years 37.37%
three - five years 29.29%
a year or two 25.25%
Less than six months 7.07%
what time is it now? 1.01%
If you watch them at all, do you have a favorite reality show?
American Idol 35.8%
Survivor 7.41%
Biggest Loser 17.28%
Dancing with the Stars 6.17%
Extreme Makeover - Home Edition 33.33%
The media has not reported much on Tea Parties, ACORN, political corruption, administration tax cheats, Pro-Life marches, etc. Do you think it’s Bias, Incompetence, or these stories aren’t big enough to cover?
Bias. Studies prove most media is extremely biased and liberal 54.93%
Incompetence; journalism standards today are way too low 11.27%
These stories aren’t big enough to cover 11.27%
None of these. They have an agenda against conservatism and Christianity. 22.54%
What do you think of opera?
It's okay once in a while. I like all kinds of music. 23.88%
This is a trick question, right? 25.37%
I prefer the Looney Tunes versions. 26.87%
Purely for elites and snobs. 16.42%
Did you mean Oprah? 7.46%
Which one of these do you both love AND dread at the same time?
Fall 'back to school' time 14.85%
Cooler temperatures and eventually, snow! 32.67%
Watching too much football on TV 8.91%
the leaves turning colors and falling 27.72%
we'll see Favre and the Vikings play the Packers twice this season 15.84%
No matter how long you’ve been listening to Q90FM, how'd you FIRST hear about the Q?
Saw a Billboard 13.51%
I was channel surfing 19.82%
A friend told me about Q90FM 39.64%
Saw a Bumper sticker 10.81%
At a Christian concert or other event 16.22%
What do you think about Michael Vick playing in the NFL again?
He should still be in jail 9.23%
I don't mind, everyone needs a second chance 53.85%
It’s hard to forget the horrible things he did to so many dogs 32.31%
It’s only football, what’s the big deal? 4.62%
Do you believe this country is on the right track, the wrong track, or we’ve derailed and need to get back on track?
Right track 4.88%
Wrong track and about to derail 51.22%
We’ve crashed & derailed 43.9%
What’s your take on the record-breaking cool Summer we’ve had this year?
Fall is my favorite anyway so the temperature has been perfect 28.09%
I feel ripped off, what Summer? 22.47%
Thankful to have saved lots of money on Air Conditioning! 21.35%
So much for global warming 28.09%
What Green Bay Packers player do you think will have the BEST season this year?
Aaron Rodgers (#6 QB in NFL last yr. passed for over 4,000 yards) 60.53%
Charles Woodson (tied for 2nd in NFL interceptions last year with Nick Collins!) 10.53%
Mason Crosby (led NFL in scoring in 2007) 2.63%
Aaron Kampman (led Packers in sacks last year) 11.84%
Greg Jennings (led Packers with 1,292 receiving yards last year) 14.47%
What, if any, male TV news personality or anchor do you like the most?
Charles Gibson 28.57%
Brian Williams 10.39%
Glenn Beck 24.68%
Anderson Cooper 12.99%
Bill O’ Reilly 23.38%
How long have you been a Christian?
Less than a year 11.68%
One – three years 3.65%
Three to six years 10.95%
More than six years 73.72%
What’s your take on Brett Favre?
Looking forward to retiring his jersey some day and celebrate all he did for the Packers 26.09%
I'm glad he's playinig another year, even for the Vikings 7.83%
I used to be a fan but not anymore 15.65%
Can we please move on? Go Aaron Rodgers! 50.43%
Where do you go most often for local event information? (Wisconsin friends)
Press Gazette or Post Crescent 15.56%
Q90fm events page & community calendar 17.78%
facebook or twitter 14.44%
Word of mouth 28.89%
I usually find out after it’s happened 23.33%
Do you think America should change to the Government run health care plan that is currently being debated?
Yes 13.04%
No 66.3%
Not sure 20.65%
Many Q listeners love watching football, but what’s your favorite sport to participate in?
Soccer 21.95%
Golf 15.85%
Baseball 19.51%
Swimming 31.71%
Basketball 10.98%
What current political figure do you appreciate, respect, or support?
Barack Obama 14.91%
Sarah Palin 43.86%
Hilary Clinton 3.51%
Mike Huckabee 35.09%
Newt Gingrich 2.63%
What did you think about Lifest?
Totally awesome time 44%
Too many bands 5%
Not enough bands 1%
Didn't make it this year 40%
Brought me closer to God 10%
Has the recent media coverage of Michael Jackson been
just right 1.15%
way too much 49.43%
I try to ignore it 29.89%
fine until they make him an idol, or a god 19.54%
Which one of these Q90 artists do you like the most?
Third Day 10.14%
Jeremy Camp 7.25%
Casting Crowns 20.29%
Toby Mac 14.49%
Skillet 47.83%
At over 2,000 locations on July 4, Americans protested big government again at Tea parties. Did you hear about them?
I think I read about them somewhere 28.38%
Yes but only on the Fox News Channel 21.62%
no, I had no idea they were happening 40.54%
No, and why are they called 'Tea Parties'? 9.46%
Are you a Mac or a PC?
Mac 13.75%
PC 77.5%
neither 5%
I don't get the question 3.75%
What do you think about most often?
How very blessed I am 32.29%
How to make it financially 12.5%
How to help other people 13.54%
Where I'll be in about five years 14.58%
Something in my life I wish was different 27.08%
What, if anything, irritates you most about Summer?
Boredom 8.8%
Road Construction 20%
Humidity 24.8%
Mosquitoes 42.4%
Yard Work 4%
Should English be the official language of the United States?
Yes 84.91%
No 6.6%
Doesn't matter 8.49%
What's your favorite kind of Christian music?
Contemporary/pop 44%
Rock 35%
R&B 4%
Rap 4%
Anyting with lots of guitars 13%
In this new technology age, would you consider yourself,
high tech 32.63%
some tech 57.89%
low tech 9.47%
no tech 0%
What issue concerns you the most?
Too much government control 31.76%
Freedom of religion and speech 10.59%
Abortion 23.53%
Marriage between one man and one woman 10.59%
How our tax dollars are being spent/increasing 23.53%
What Q90 FM feature do you enjoy most, other than the music of course?
The Word on the Way 32.05%
Music news with KJ 3.85%
Daily Q-Quote 21.79%
This day in history, on the QBC 12.82%
Weekend 22 29.49%
After David Letterman insulted Sarah Palin & her daughter, was the backlash justified?
Yes, joking about raping a minor goes beyond acceptable comedy 56.47%
No, Letterman is an entertainer and comedians say offensive stuff at times 10.59%
Yes, women have been disrespected for way too long 9.41%
Yes, and it would have been worse if Palin wasn't a Christian conservative 11.76%
No. I think some people over reacted 11.76%
Do you think America is a “Christian nation”?
No. Even though 76% of us ‘claim’ to be Christian, it’s in word only. 46.67%
Yes, our Founding Fathers intended us to be a nation of godly morals and values, with Christianity influencing government. 21.67%
Yes, and I don’t see why we even need to think about it. 3.33%
No, America has gotten worse in the last several decades, and continues that trend today. 28.33%
If you had to choose one, would you rather…
Earn more money 25.96%
Have more friends 23.08%
Have more vacation time 15.38%
Live somewhere else 14.42%
Work fewer hours 21.15%
How do you feel about President Obama speaking at Notre Dame and receiving an honorary degree?
It’s not big deal, it happened, let’s move on. 18.75%
A pro-abortion President should not have been invited to a Catholic college. 47.5%
I have no problem with him speaking but they shouldn’t have honored him. 22.5%
A majority of Catholics voted for him so I don’t see the big controversy. 11.25%
Out of these choices, who is your favorite ATJ classic flashback artist?
Whiteheart 8.99%
Petra 17.98%
Amy Grant 22.47%
D.C.Talk 33.71%
Audio Adrenaline 16.85%
Honesty check: Is there a temptation, weakness, or addiction that you’ve dealt with, or still struggle with at times?
Drinking alcohol 8%
Pornography 26.67%
Lying 26.67%
Smoking 2.67%
Swearing 36%
How should toilet paper be put on?
Paper over top 64.21%
Paper from the bottom 4.21%
Doesn’t matter 18.95%
Why bother putting it on a roll to begin with? 4.21%
This isn’t funny, aren’t you guys a Christian radio station? 8.42%
What, if any of these, makes you the most angry?
Hypocritical Government officials who don’t pay their taxes 7.75%
Churches and Pastors who aren’t active or vocal about abortion 6.98%
The media coverage of political news and protection of President Obama 22.48%
People in the country suffering financially, and corporations giving bonuses or huge pension plans. 37.21%
The major TV networks and newspapers ignoring positive news stories involving conservative or Christian issues. 25.58%
What's your favorite kind of music?
Contemporary/pop 7.75%
Rock 6.98%
R & B 22.48%
Rap 37.21%
The heavy stuff, lots of guitars 25.58%
What are you MOST looking forward to this summer?
going on a trip or vacation 22.86%
Spending more time with friends 15.71%
being outside as much as possible 36.43%
working and hopefully saving some money 15%
sleeping in! 10%
Do you think Miss California should have stated her belief about marriage between a man and a woman at the Miss USA pageant?
She was asked the question, wasn’t she? 19.15%
No, she lost the competition because of it 0%
Yes, it proved that free speech is under attack if you’re a Christian 17.02%
No, she should have been neutral and politically correct 0%
Absolutely yes! We need more people to take a stand. She’s a hero. 63.83%
What BEST describes your take on the whole Gay marriage debate?
What debate? Marriage should be between one man and one woman, period. 56%
It’s none of my business, just let people do what they want 6%
It’s okay for California, Vermont, and Massachusetts but not here. 1%
Gay marriage is wrong, and destructive to the family and our culture 37%
Why do you go to church?
My family has always gone to church 6.98%
I love the worship and Bible teachings 67.44%
My parents made/make me go 2.33%
It helps me get through the week 23.26%
Free donuts and coffee 0%
Who is your favorite GMA Dove Award winner from this year?
Tenth Avenue North 37.04%
The Afters 16.05%
Brandon Heath 19.75%
Natalie Grant 14.81%
Decemberadio 12.35%
What best describes your take on “water-boarding”?
Should be used only if necessary to get information 14.81%
Water-boarding is NOT torture, wake up! 38.27%
Whatever it takes to save lives and keep America safe 19.75%
Those who used it or approved of it should be prosecuted 12.35%
It’s fun to do at the lake during vacation 14.81%
If you were a Dairy Queen Blizzard, which flavor would you be?
Peanut Butter Cup 23.75%
Oreo/Cookies & Cream 15%
Butterfinger 10%
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 27.5%
Other 23.75%
What's your opinion on the importance of the Swine Flu?
The media is stirring up fear making too big a deal out of it 47.62%
It’s a serious threat to our country that needs to be addressed 32.65%
Thousands of people die from the regular flu every year, don’t they? 14.29%
It’s another way for the government to get more control 4.76%
We should be fine since Bush had 50 million doses of antivirals stored in 2005 0.68%
How old are you?
5 - 15 years old 17.98%
16 - 25 28.71%
26 - 35 16.4%
36 - 45 20.82%
over 45 16.09%
Favorite live concert: From these choices, who would you like to see, or who had the best concert?
Superchick 22.46%
Toby Mac 26.09%
Disciple 9.42%
Dave Crowder Band 16.67%
Skillet 25.36%
Who is the most goofy, geeky, & loveable Q90 FM on-air personality?
Becky Foster 17.65%
Dave Fiorazo 24.26%
Kid 33.09%
Scotty 14.71%
Matt Metzler 10.29%
Do you approve of the job the Obama administration is doing?
Yes, they’re helping the economy and the country 11.97%
No, they’re making things much worse 59.83%
It’s too soon to decide 23.08%
I approved at first but now I’m not sure they’re doing such a good job 5.13%
Out of the following choices, what takes up more of your time?
Reading and answering emails 28.45%
Text messaging and emailing photos from my cell 5.17%
Spending time on line, browsing or searching the web 37.93%
Using my blackberry 0.86%
Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter 27.59%
Do you think it’s fair that American taxpayer dollars help fund Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the country?
Yes, it’s their right to access government help through taxpayers 3.7%
It doesn’t matter to me either way 1.85%
No, 70% of Americans do not support abortion 24.07%
Absolutely not. We shouldn’t be funding this brutal procedure. 70.37%
Who’s your favorite, or the best female artist on Q90 FM?
Rebecca St. James 31.25%
Aiesha Woods 15.18%
Sarah Kelly 8.04%
Mandisa 13.39%
Krystal Meyers 32.14%
Where do you live?
Green Bay area 44.25%
Valley area – Appleton, Oshkosh 34.51%
Lakeshore – Manitowoc area 15.93%
Door County 0%
Outside Wisconsin 5.31%
What about Mel Gibson's record breaking 2004 Blockbuster film, The Passion Of The Christ?
Didn't see it 33.94%
It was the most accurate portrayal of Jesus and his suffering that I've seen 15.15%
It was way too violent and graphic for me/for my family 1.82%
Christ couldn't really have been treated as brutally as the film showed 0.61%
It gave me a deeper understanding of HIS sacrifice for me/made me cry 48.48%
Where do you listen to Q90 fm MOST often?
on the radio at home 18.7%
radio in the car 48.78%
on-line at home or work 16.26%
on-line at college 4.07%
other 12.2%
Which one of these could you absolutely NOT go without for 30 days?
cell phone 30.17%
microwave 18.97%
television 22.41%
debit or credit card 12.93%
I-pod 15.52%
The NFL draft is coming up - what position do the Packers need to fill?
Offensive line 19.48%
Defensive line 45.45%
Linebacker or safety 14.29%
Running back 9.09%
Special teams 11.69%
If you had to pick just one, what Q90 FM show is your favorite?
The Afternoon Traffic Jam 32.56%
The All Request Party 13.95%
Hope In The Night Time 12.4%
The Q Breakfast Club 37.21%
Sports Faith Radio 3.88%
Out of these choices, who do you think has had more negative influence on today's young women?
Britney Spears 21.19%
Paris Hilton 11.86%
Miley Cirus 13.56%
Skinny fashion models 22.88%
Actresses who promote an anti-family lifestyle or values 30.51%
What has the MOST negative effect on youth in America?
Television and movies promoting sex, profanity, violence, homosexuality, drugs, nudity, abortion, and money. 45.3%
Pro-abortion laws, no parental notification even if a minor is raped, and now - stem cell research on human embryos. 5.98%
Removing prayer, references to God/Jesus, and free speech for Christians from public schools and other institutions. 23.93%
Lack of parental involvement and educator awareness about youth issues and suicide-related information. 11.11%
The incredibly high usage of technology: computers, blackberries, cell phones, I-pods, video games, instead of personal contact. 13.68%
Which one of these best describes you?
I'm a Dog person 51.46%
Cat person 25.24%
Mice or gerbals 6.8%
Rabbits 1.94%
No pets, or other 14.56%
Which ground-breaking Christian 'super group' do you like the most?
Audio Adrenaline 19.33%
Newsboys 28.67%
Jars Of Clay 10%
Third Day 19.33%
Switchfoot 22.67%
What is your favorite 'new' Christian artist on Q90 FM?
Tenth Avenue North 31.54%
Jimmy Needham 5.77%
Jordan Sparks 7.31%
Rush of Fools 25%
Francesca Battistelli 30.38%
About how much time do you spend on line every day?
30 minutes or less 10.77%
An hour 23.08%
90 minutes 19.23%
Over two hours 26.15%
Over three hours 20.77%
What is your favorite thing about Q90 FM?
The music 40.51%
Winning free CD's, concert tickets and other stuff 5.64%
The DJ's personalities & what they say, like the Word on the Way. 11.79%
HopeNet Ministry 4.1%
All of these! 37.95%
What is your take on snow?
I love it, it's beautiful. 29.13%
Can't stand it, wish this was Florida. 17.32%
It's February, get used to it. 19.69%
No snow = no skiing, sledding, and other Winter activities. 7.09%
It's fine as long as I'm not driving. 26.77%
Hey Oscar! Have you seen any of this year's movies nominated for Best Picture?
No, don't care for any of them 31.3%
No, I don't watch many movies 11.3%
Yes, one or two 13.91%
Yes, three or four 3.48%
No, I rarely go to the theatre anymore 40%
Is Religion an important part of your daily life?
Absolutely. I read the Bible and/or pray about every day. 52.43%
Yes, I love my daily quiet times with God 31.07%
Not sure how to make God a daily part of my life 13.59%
No but I do give thanks before meals 1.94%
No, basically just go to church on Sundays, Christmas, or Easter 0.97%
Where do you get most of your news?
Newspapers; local or national 6.35%
Network TV - ABC, CBS, NBC 21.43%
Cable/Digital TV Channels - CNN, FOX News, etc. 26.19%
The Internet 29.37%
Don't really keep up/not interested in current news 16.67%
Which of these best describes you?
I strongly support abortion 0%
I somewhat support abortion 2.58%
I'm strongly against abortion 73.55%
I'm somewhat against abortion 10.32%
Depending on the situation, I could be Pro-Life OR Pro Choice 13.55%