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October 22 - 26

Christ is the humility of God embodied in human nature; the Eternal Love humbling itself, clothing itself in the garb of meekness and gentleness, to win and serve and save us.
~ Andrew Murray

I could not help but think that somewhere along the way we had missed what was radical about our faith and replaced it with what is comfortable.
~ David Platt

Being a Christian is more than just an instantaneous conversion - it is a daily process whereby you grow to be more and more like Christ.
~ Billy Graham

If a sinner comes into your assembly or you otherwise come into contact with him, remember that he is a human being for whom Christ died. He stands at the foot of the cross, just as you stand at the foot of the cross.
~ J. Vernon McGee

In his life, Christ is an example, showing us how to live; in his death, he is a sacrifice, satisfying for our sins; in his resurrection, a conqueror; in his ascension, a king; in his intercession, a high priest.
~ Martin Luther

October 15-19

Here’s what you need to keep in mind. You no longer have yesterday. You do not yet have tomorrow. You have only today. This is the day the Lord has made. Live in it.
~ Max Lucado

We need to quit being so feckless and cowardly about the truth. God put us here for a purpose and we have a duty to fight for this culture. We don’t have to fight as dirty as the left, but we do have to be relentless as they are.
~ David Limbaugh

Truth without love is brutality, and love without truth is hypocrisy.
~ Warren Wiersbe

Without core convictions to help us navigate, we stand uneasily on shifting sand, and we lack the solid footing with which to stage a life of principle and character. Today is a call to biblical conviction… What is needed today is a battalion of believers who follow Christ and stand for Him and His truth.
~ Dennis Rainey

Do not burn false fire upon God’s altar; do not pose and pretend, either to Him or to yourself, in your religious exercises; do not say more than you mean, or use exaggerated language that goes beyond the facts, when speaking to Him whose word is truth.
~ Jeremy Taylor

October 8-12

Christ is the desire of nations, the joy of angels, the delight of the Father. What solace then must that soul be filled with, that has the possession of Him to all eternity!
~ John Bunyan

While growing up, I was told there were two topics you should never talk about: Religion & Politics. It was after I became a Christian that I realized these are actually two of the most important topics to talk about, because the former has to do with where you will spend eternity, and the latter can determine the freedoms you have in the mean time.
~ Tony Gurule

A true faith in Jesus Christ will not suffer us to be idle. No, it is an active, lively, restless principle; it fills the heart, so that it cannot be easy till it is doing something for Jesus Christ.
~ George Whitefield

Let a man begin with an earnest "I ought," and if he perseveres, by God’s grace he will end in the free blessedness of "I will." Let him force himself to abound in small acts of duty, and he will, by and by, find them the joyous habit of his soul.
~ Frederick W. Robertson

If there is any point on which God’s holiest saints agree it is this: that they see more, and know more, and feel more, and do more, and repent more, and believe more, as they get on in spiritual life, and in proportion to the closeness of their walk with God.
~ J.C. Ryle