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"A Call to Battle"

It has been an amazing week—months of prayer and preparation as the ministry of Q90 FM embarks on a crucial calling to be a Watchman on the Wall for our Christian community. The response from you, our family of listeners has been incredible. Your encouragement and support are deeply appreciated. The most frequent question I have been asked over the last couple months as we prepared to launch Stand Up For the Truth is "WHY?" Why would Q90 FM, a Christian music station enter the realm of talk radio? Well, let me tell you why.

The War against God’s Word and truth has reached a critical stage. Traditional foundations of this nation—secular media, government and our public education system, have become openly hostile to the Word of God. They are systematically eliminating any references to God and demonizing Christianity as backwards--even dangerous. They have convinced a naïve public that our nation was not founded on Judeo Christian law and beliefs—and that those of us who believe otherwise are a danger to this country.

But the most dangerous enemy is the one who comes disguised as your friend. The one who assures you they are on your side, all the while undermining the very foundation of our beliefs with half truths and a misuse of scripture. This enemy, disguised with wonderful sounding names like "social justice" and "emergent church" is the most dangerous threat to the absolute truth of God’s Word. They are leading our youth to question the very existence of absolute truth. And make no mistake—this is not an isolated small group of false teachers we can easily dismiss.

They have very powerful allies including billionaires like George Soros—an atheist who openly calls for a one world order and government. He has successfully bought his way into a powerful position of influence in secular media and government—all the while stating that the United States is the last obstacle to this one world order that Satan’s pawns see as secularists’ greatest hope for human utopia. This man has successfully brought down nations before—and he is targeting the United States as his next victim.

There’s Jim Wallis, the top “spiritual advisor” to President Obama. A man who has openly supported communist regimes around the world, while demonizing those of us who believe our republic is still the best form of human government in an imperfect world. Our founding fathers had the wisdom to understand that our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness come from GOD—not a group of power hungry elites who think they are more enlightened than the rest of us.

And there’s Brian McLaren—considered the “dean of the emergent church movement”. An intelligent, articulate man who is a master at taking a truth from scripture and twisting it just enough to lead people down a dangerous path away from the true gospel message—that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, took human form and become a substitute for our sins by dying on the cross 2,000 years ago. That our Christian belief in this atonement—the foundation of our faith—is an antiquated belief that misrepresents God’s nature. McLaren has gone as far as referring to the cross as a type of “false advertising” for Christianity.

What is the connection between McLaren, Wallis and George Soros? Brian McLaren is on the Board of Directors for Wallis’ Sojourners magazine—the leading social justice organization in the United States. And George Soros? Recently a report surfaced that Soros was funding Wallis and Sojourners. Jim Wallis categorically denied it. It was then proven that Wallis and Sojourners had received MILLIONS OF DOLLOARS IN CONTRIBUTRIONS FROM GEORGE SOROS.

When caught in this lie, what was Jim Wallis’ response? "Well, I can’t be expected to keep track of every little contribution." Reports are that Soros may have given Wallis and Sojourners more than 7 million dollars! If that is a "little contribution", Lord help us.

And there is the radical progressive political movement in our nation—a thinly veiled attempt to institute Marxism. You might remember Marxism as Communism. Of course if you are under 30, you may not—because our public schools probably don’t teach the evils of communism any more. Communism—where God is outlawed—the only “god” is the state. Radical Progressives believe government is the solution to all our problems and we should adapt a “cradle to grave” system of providing for the needs of people—again communism. Well, how is that working so far? We have a national debt of 14 trillion dollars—when you count future obligations to Social Security and Medicare, many economists estimate that debt level at close to 70 TRILLION DOLLARS!! We face bankruptcy as a nation and a potential total collapse of our government and way of life.

Fellow believers, we are in crisis. God’s Word clearly prophesies that the world will continue to spin out of control and grow progressively more evil. An anti-Christ will rise to power and deceive many into believing he is the messiah—the savior of humanity. Christians will be persecuted and many will be deceived. We fight a battle that is only going to get worse until Jesus returns to conquer the enemy and establish His Kingdom. So why should we stand up and fight when it is inevitable that things will only get worse?

Because we are fighting for the eternal souls of millions of people—our children, our friends and even our enemies. One day soon, people on earth will have a crucial decision to make—to worship the world and the anti-Christ—or the one true God. In fact, millions today are already facing that choice—in countries like China, Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia. And in Africa, Christians are being slaughtered daily as radical Islam sweeps through that continent.

And we sit here in America, half asleep. Like the church of Laodicea, we think we are rich—but we are naked, pitiful, blind—AND LUKE WARM! God is sounding the final alert—the first shots of the final battle are being fired. And we are being told by God, "TIME TO CHOOSE!". Choose God--or the world. This is truly a choice with eternal consequences—eternal life—or eternal death.

This is why a Christian music station sensed a calling from the Holy Spirit to risk venturing into the realm of talk radio. We strongly believe that obedience to the Lord is more important than the approval of men.