On Air Now: Kevin John


September 13 - 17

Now is not the time for Christians to shrink away from the fight because they don’t want to offend anybody. You must be bold and speak the truth; that’s the most loving thing you could do.
~ David Brody

Prayer cannot truly be taught by principles and seminars and symposiums. It has to be born out of a whole environment of felt need. If I say, "I ought to pray," I will soon run out of motivation and quit; the flesh is too strong. I have to be driven to pray.
~ Jim Cymbala

That’s what lordship is – Christ reigning as supreme authority over our life. Making Jesus Lord of our life is not something passive. It’s not a state of being, it’s a state of doing. Those whom Jesus recognizes as His own are those who do the will of His Father in heaven.
~ Keith Green

How hard is it sometimes to get leave of hearts to seek God! Jesus Christ went more willingly to the cross than we do to the throne of grace.
~ Thomas Watson

It is the duty of the Christian scholar to look difficulties and objections squarely in the face. Nothing is to be gained by overlooking, evading or shrinking from them. Truth has no cause to fear scrutiny, however rigid and searching.
~ John W. Haley

September 20 - 24

There has never been a better time to be reminded our faith is not in fallible human authorities, but in a divine and perfect King. We proclaim Christ... and our hope cannot be shaken because our citizenship is not of this world.
~ Ekkie Tepsupornchai ("Tep-suporn-cheye")

Atheism has become a major threat to the church. New Atheists tend to be articulate and belligerent. They are aggressively engaging in "atheist evangelism," determined to stamp out every vestige of belief in God, which they insist is not only "stupid" but "wicked."
~ Dave Hunt

Will the sin of this nation stir us? We are a part of this day and time. We have a job to do. We ought to be stirred in our souls against sin and condemn it... In every way possible;
~ Lee Roberson

The root-trouble of the present distress is that the Church has more faith in the world and the flesh than in the Holy Ghost, and things will get no better till we get back to His realized presence and power.
~ Samuel Chadwick

Worship is no longer worship when it reflects the culture around us more than the Christ within us.
~ A.W. Tozer