Job title and brief description of what you do here: Stand Up For The Truth host/blogger, Empowered by Praise music show (Sundays), and 3-6pm weekday afternoons. We wear many hats around here.
Date started service at Q90FM: September 2005
Birth place: Kingsford, Michigan
Your age when you gave your life to Christ: 26
Family info you want to share: Wife, Rosanna leads worship at our church.
What you enjoy in any spare time: Bike rides with Rosanna, writing, traveling when possible, strong coffee and spiritual discussions, reading, fun with our dogs, fellowship with friends.
First paid job: Mowing lawns
Favorite Food: Refuse to name just one
Cherished childhood memory: Family time at our cottage on the lake
Favorite season in Wisconsin and why: Either Spring (Winter is over) or Fall (Summer is over)
Favorite Bible Passage: John chapter 1 or Colossians 1
All-time Favorite artist/band Q90FM plays: Blessed Hope Chapel Praise Team
Why do you feel people should listen/support Q90?: Christians must be proactive in choosing biblical input in their lives, especially in this day and age, starting with God’s Word first. The perspective and encouragement a ministry like Q90 provides is vital to a healthy faith. We must be diligent in building our foundation on Truth, growing in the knowledge of Jesus Christ, and helping others do the same.