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January 27: Romans 13:9-10 For the commandments, “You shall not commit adultery, You shall not murder, You shall not steal, You shall not covet,” and any other commandment, are summed up in this word: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Love does no wrong to a neighbor; therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.

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Todd Friel: Christianity is a Cognitive Religion

From Todd Friel and the Team:

It’s bad enough that adherents of major Eastern religions (I’m looking at you Hinduism and Buddhism) strive to empty their brains to experience the divine. Sadly, the fastest growing sect of Christianity is promoting the same sort of euphoric mindlessness. Through the agency of mind-numbingly repetitious music, millions find themselves in worship services zoning out to never-ending choruses filled with banal sentimentalities. They think they are experiencing God’s presence. They are not.

Christianity is not the religion of mindlessness. Christianity is a thinking religion. This makes sense because our God, in whose image we are made, is a thinking God. Romans 12:1-2 doesn’t tell us to succumb to mindless music in order to empty our noggins to feel God’s presence. Instead, we are commanded to renew our minds. In other words, our brains are not supposed to be emptied, they are supposed to be filled with truth.

Consider the pastoral epistle of Titus. In chapter two alone, Paul urges Titus to teach and/or guard his teaching NINE TIMES. That is an emphatic declaration that Christianity is a cognitive faith. But wait, here’s the punch-line: the more we fill our minds with God’s truth, the more we will want to sing, and the more we will know that God is present. Consider just one verse of I Know That My Redeemer Lives.

He lives to bless me with His love;
He lives to plead for me above;
He lives my hungry soul to feed;
He lives to help in time of need.

In one short stanza we are reminded: Our Redeemer lives, He loves, He intercedes, He feeds, He rescues. Five massive truths about God in one verse. Now THAT will make you sing.

How ironic that today’s shallow Christian worship services do not provide the very thing that is a requirement for genuine, heart-felt worship: teaching. Contemporary worship services seek to make people ecstatic by dumbing down the music, amping up the volume, repetition, and synthesized moodiness. This type of manipulation is just that; but it does not, it cannot deliver on its promise to feed your soul.

Might I suggest, if you are going to a church that features mostly mindless music that repeats one shallow thought repeatedly and over and over again, you are being robbed of what you need to worship.

To be fair, there are some contemporary worship songs that are theologically robust and not painfully repetitious. Take four minutes to let your heart soar as you watch this enthusiastic group of kids from California Baptist University sing, “Behold Our God.” Keep your eyes out for all the THEOLOGY that is baked in this magisterial tune.

Our God is a thinking God. Christians are to be a thinking people. Our music should not be an exception.

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2020 Presidential Elections Update 1/11/23

This update will be straight to the point regarding incredibly explosive revelations involving election fraud that affected the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election in Wisconsin.

These election fraud revelations are either true or false.  There is no gray area.  No one can possibly make this stuff up.

Frustrated individuals, with direct knowledge of election fraud that affected the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election, are finally coming forward with these revelations at the expense of being threatened, sued, harassed, challenged and willing to sacrifice it all to get to the truth after two years of being called “election deniers”, “conspiracy theorists” and “terrorists”.

With these explosive revelations, it is clear that the only way to FINALLY address the election fraud that affected the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election, is to go to court and ask for relief of the apparent illegal certification of Wisconsin’s 10 Electors.

Wisconsin was supposedly decided by 20,682 votes in 2020.

The End Game

After two years of election fraud exposure, accusations, allegations, rumors, meetings, hearings, symposiums, conferences, reports, law enforcement, legal rulings, elections, unkept promises, smoke screens, window dressing, obfuscation, untruths, cover-ups, suppression and ongoing legislative efforts, it is time to go to court and prove once and for all that election fraud affected the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election.

These revelations prove once and for all, beyond question, that election fraud undoubtedly affected the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election.

These revelations are going to get very dicey for those involved in the election fraud and the efforts to apparently cover it up.

Those who have the courage, conviction and commitment to see the exposure of the election fraud to its end in a court of law, will see their lives change with great sacrifices and attacks.

America and Wisconsin are worth the sacrifices and attacks.

We hope you will join us in this collective effort.

New Election Fraud Revelations from the 2020 Presidential Election

The Gateway Pundit published an article on January 5th, where a Gableman Investigation Team Member came forward on January 3rd, outside the Office window of Speaker Vos (R-Rochester), to reveal intimate details of election fraud from the 2020 Presidential Election that affected the outcome of that election supposedly decided by 20,682 votes (Developing: Wisconsin Gableman Election Fraud Team Member Comes Forward with Damaging Evidence from 2020 Presidential Election (

The Gateway Pundit also published an article on January 4th with related details to these revelations (Wisconsin Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos Accused of Suppressing Election Fraud Evidence from 2020 Presidential Election (

The Gableman Investigation Team Member’s 12-minute video from January 3rd is reproduced here (Defending Life Rally Video 6 Investigator Gary Wait (

The following takeaways from this 12-minute video are reproduced here that intimately detail some of the new election fraud revelations that affected the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election:

  • The Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) voting database (Home ( is corrupted, was not corrected from the 2020 election and needs to be scrapped immediately with a new and secure voter database.  Approximately 7.3 million names on Wisconsin’s voter rolls with a state population of 5.9 million and only 4.6 million residents are eligible (Age 18 and older) to vote.  WEC’s voter database shows 3.5 million eligible registered voters.  There is an excess of 3.8 million names on the Wisconsin voter rolls who are not registered or eligible to vote.
  • Speaker Vos was instrumental in helping to create the Wisconsin Election Commission (Wisconsin Elections Commission) in 2015 that consists of 3 “republicans” and 3 “democrats”.  Wisconsin is a handful of states that administers elections this way.  This Team Member’s recommendation is to immediately scrap WEC and replace it with a more accountable body.
  • It is without question that there was massive election fraud that affected the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election in Wisconsin.
  • Speaker Vos was instrumental in signing off on the illegal use of absentee ballot drop boxes in 2020 with the help of democrats and Governor Evers due to “covid”.
  • Speaker Vos was keenly aware of the illegal behavior of the ballot trafficking mules and NGO’s that deposited hundreds of thousands of illegal absentee ballots into the illegal absentee ballot drop boxes across the State of Wisconsin.
  • Some 250,000 fraudulent voters were added in Milwaukee County for the 2020 Presidential Election.
  • Informants have come forward with documents and records to substantiate the election fraud in 2020 that affected the outcome of the election.
  • Speaker Vos is politely being asked to immediately release the details of the election fraud investigation.
  • The incestuous relationship between Claire Woodall-Vogg, Milwaukee Elections Clerk, and Mark Zuckerber’s non-profit CTCL that doled out $8.8 million to the WI-5.
  • Speaker Vos undermined Justice Gableman by repeatedly releasing details of the election fraud investigation to liberal members of the press/media while the investigation was ongoing.
  • Individuals associated with Speaker Vos have been caught releasing confidential information to liberal members of the press/media while the investigation was ongoing.
  • Multiple referrals were made regarding the illegal destruction of election receipts by election officials.
  • A gaping hole was discovered and compromised in the My Vote WI voter database by September of 2021 that provided the ability for anyone gaining access to the voter rolls to change anything they wanted for any voter without detection.
  • WEC Director Meagan Wolfe is accused of being completely untruthful on numerous occasions involving the investigation, the Legislature and to the WEC Commission.
  • Speaker Vos stripped Rep. Janel Brandtjen (R-Menomonee Falls) of any Chairmanship position in the 2023-24 Legislative Session.  Rep. Brandtjen chaired the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections during the 2021-22 Legislative Session.
  • Speaker Vos finally admits to widespread election fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election in March of 2022 after he learned the details of the Gableman Team meeting with Milwaukee County Election Commission Members (
  • Speaker Vos appears to benefit from the election fraud efforts and use of the illegal ballot drop boxes.
  • Speaker Vos Staffers appear to have been coming forward with details.
  • Attorney for whistleblowers is being asked to come forward and release the details of her clients’ testimony to substantiate the election fraud claims that undoubtably affected the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election.
  • Speaker Vos has allegedly attempted to influence the testimony of witnesses as has a number of GOP Leaders seeking their silence.
  • Kimberly Zapata, Assistant Director of Elections, City of Milwaukee, charged with election fraud for falsifying military ballot requests (Kimberly Zapata ballot fraud case; preliminary hearing waived (, is not a whistleblower.  She is intimately familiar with every election fraud scheme designed for the 2020 Presidential Election.
  • Absentee ballot certifications were concealed from observers during the 2020 recount.
  • The missing flash stick from Claire Woodall-Vogg during the 3:26 A.M. absentee ballot dump of 170,000 votes on Wednesday, November 4th, was a ruse that overcame President Trump’s insurmountable lead ending with a vote difference of just 20,682 votes (Milwaukee Election Flash Drive Was Briefly Lost, Sources Say. (
  • 2 police officers have come forward to reveal the truth about the missing flash stick.
  • FBI is aware of the missing flash stick ruse and have the details from the police officers.
  • An additional 300,000 fake voter registrations/absentee ballots/ votes were generated across the State of Wisconsin for the 2020 Presidential Election.
  • The voter registration scheme was initiated as early as 2016 on an incremental basis with the hopes of not being detected.
  • Wisconsin’s 10 Electors need to be reclaimed while the election fraud that affected the 2020 Presidential Election is proven in a court of law.
  • Whenever it is proven that election fraud affects the outcome of an election, the proper legal authority always remedies that election with a do-over or declares a new winner no matter what level of government that election pertained to (See 20 Election Fraud Cases Remedy).

More Recent Examples of Election Fraud Revelations that Affected the Outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election

     Twitter postings regarding these developments are reproduced here that were started on December 27, 2022 (

     WTAQ Conservative Talk Schroeder Show in Green Bay from December 31, 2022, Segment 5, 6 & 7 (Podcasts | The Schroeder Show | WTAQ News Talk | 97.5 FM · 1360 AM | Green Bay,  WI).

     Frank Speech TV broadcast January 6, 2023 (Peter Bernegger on Wisconsin Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos Being Accused of Covering Up Election Fraud Evidence During 2020 Election | Frank Speech the Home of Free Speech).  Justice Gableman was briefly part of this interview and is aware of these public revelations.

     Worldview Talk Radio interview reproduced here from January 9, 2023 (  Justice Gableman is aware of these public revelations and this interview.

What can you do?

With nearly 3,000 election integrity supporters across Wisconsin receiving these updates, the question always comes down to, “What can I do to help?”

The Gableman Investigation evidence needs to be released immediately by Speaker Vos.

Speaker Vos appointed Justice Gableman to investigate the election fraud from 2020 (Following Warning By Trump, Vos Announces Former Justice Will Lead Assembly GOP Election Probe | Wisconsin Public Radio (

Speaker Vos extended Justice Gableman’s contract (Vos extends Gableman’s election investigation contract through April – WisPolitics).

Speaker Vos fires Justice Gableman (Vos fires Gableman, ending scandal-plagued 2020 election investigation – Wisconsin Examiner).

Speaker Vos closes election fraud investigation (Vos fires Gableman; election investigation ends after 14 months (

Speaker Vos is sitting on all of the evidence from the Gableman Investigation.

An Open Records Request to the Office of Speaker Vos will be filed this week to release the election fraud evidence.

What you can do to help:

  • Call Speaker Vos and ask him to release the Gableman Investigation evidence immediately (608-266-3387).
  • Write Speaker Vos and ask him to release the Gableman Investigation evidence immediately (State Capitol – Room 217 West, P.0. Box 8953, Madison WI  53708).
  • Email Speaker Vos and ask him to release the Gableman Investigation evidence immediately (
  • Email, call or write your State Representative and State Senator to ask them to contact Speaker Vos to ask him to release the Gableman Investigation evidence immediately (Assembly contact link 2023 Wisconsin State Representatives Senate contact link 2023 Wisconsin State Senators).
  • Forward your State Representative and State Senator this email.
  • Call your local talk radio show in support of having the evidence released.
  • Visit your State Representative and State Senator at the Capitol and personally ask them to have the evidence released.
  • Contact your local newspaper, if you have one, to submit a letter to the editor to have the evidence released or ask the editor to cover this developing story.
  • Attend any public events that will be discussing these developments.

Thank you.  It finally looks like this mess might be coming to a head in the next few weeks after two years of frustrating, tireless and yet very rewarding work.

What a privilege to be one of the many conduits to hopefully restore election integrity for all Wisconsin voters.

With warm regards,

Jefferson E. Davis

Election Integrity for Wisconsin
Full Forensic Physical and Cyber Audit (FFPCA)