Sharing your faith with Friends & Family

Reaching friends and family with the true gospel presents a unique challenge, especially if we were once lost with them. They often wonder if we have become part of a “cult” because we are now living for Jesus and are in the light. We may find ourselves more and more ignored at family or social functions; but take heart and rely on the Holy Spirit for your opportunities to share the gospel.

The best testimony to the power of true Christianity is your changed life. When we exhibit joy in all circumstances and no longer desire things of this world, people will eventually notice. When they ask, be prepared to give a reason for your new life and hope (1 Peter 3:15).

Do not come off as “holier than though”—acknowledge that you still too often sin and are far from perfect. But share that God has replaced many of the desires of your old heart of sin with a heart to love things of Him—and how it has increased your appreciation for everything He has given you, including friends and family. Tell them you are blessed to now know you will spend eternal life with God, not separated from Him in hell. Gently ask them if they have ever considered where they will spend eternity and if they would like the assurance of living in heaven with God. If they show an interest, share the complete gospel (see our home page “Sharing Your Faith”). Practice your evangelistic approach and know the gospel—but allow the Holy Spirit to direct your words. Assure them that becoming a born again Christian does not mean you cannot enjoy many of the things you now enjoy, but that God just reorganizes your priorities as to what really brings you joy. Every human at sometime or another wonders about where they will spend eternity—be prepared to show them how they can be assured of eternity with God, along with finding a new joy and peace in this world.

Always remember it is not within our job description or power to save anyone. Only God can do that. We are to plant seeds by sharing the complete gospel in agape love and absolute truth. Once you have done this, pray for those you witnessed to and be open to questions or concerns they have, always pointing them to scripture and the life you lead as a true believer.