Sharing your faith in the workplace

In the politically correct times in which we live, and with biblical Christianity being marginalized, sharing our faith in the workplace presents unique challenges these days. We must be sensitive to workplace rules by those we submit to, honoring them as the Bible teaches us. Thus workplace evangelism is often best reflected in how we behave rather than what we say.

One of the best ways to share the gospel with co-workers is when there is complaining about a boss or the company. Showing some sympathy for tough, unpopular decisions made by ownership or management can open a door to be a witness for the gospel. “Look, I’m not crazy about this decision either, but I understand that management has a lot of responsibilities and are trying to make the best decisions they can. And I am thankful in today’s economy that God has provided me a job that meets the financial needs of my family, even though I don’t like every decision made.”

Read your Bible during breaks and see if this leads to comments or questions. Share that you are looking at your “retirement plan” and making sure it is secure for eternity. If a co-worker wants to learn more, offer to do it during approved breaks or away from work so you honor your work responsibilities and do not become a distraction or burden. Be “in the world, but not of the world.” Remain friends with co-workers whether they are Christians or not, constantly praying that God will present opportunities and soften hearts to know Him.

When the opportunity presents itself, learn about your co-worker’s beliefs, concerns and fears. Be genuinely interested in them and allow the Holy Spirit to guide your conversation and the sharing of the gospel. Offer to buy them lunch or coffee some time to talk more. Be patient and again understand the gospel, not our eloquence or impatience, has the power to save men—but those who are lost will see it as foolish. Develop thick spiritual skin and do not be offended by chiding or criticism. Keep the joy of the Lord in all circumstances and watch how God opens doors when others are worried—they will seek out your thoughts because of the peace of God, which surpasses all human understanding.

Honor your workplace superiors and do not push the envelope too hard, becoming an unwanted distraction in the workplace. God will open doors in His perfect timing—just be prepared to share the gospel message and what God has done in your life.