Sharing your faith with our children and youth

Modern Christianity in America is being attacked and reduced to a form of humanism by some. Our youth are being taught that “adding Jesus to your life” equates to salvation. They are also being taught a “social justice gospel” which is really no gospel at all. They are understandably motivated by the problems they see in the world and want to fight against it (poverty, sex trafficking, climate change, etc). However they fail to realize that they are being indoctrinated into a progressive Christian mindset that minimizes the absolute truth of God’s Word and offers human solutions to spiritual problems.

They are also turned off to what they see as greed and hypocrisy in many Christians and the church as a whole. They are fleeing organized Christianity and seeking God in their own ways—and it is causing many to seek new age theology as a replacement for doctrine and the teachings of the Bible. Many are coming to believe that God can be “self-defined” personally and that Jesus is not the only way to eternal salvation of men.

Recognize their concerns and assure them that God is a god of justice, and that He will hold all men accountable one day. Do not discount their feelings as foolish or childish—rather acknowledge some of their concerns and show them an example of what a Biblical Christian looks like in your actions and words. Share with them that, yes, sometimes we all act as hypocrites and we all value wealth and things of this world too much—but that God alone can change the hearts of man, purifying them for eternity.

Start reading the Bible with them—not to prove you are smarter, but to learn together what God says in His Word. Acknowledge their fears and concerns, and exhibit the peace of God in all circumstances. Tell them that one day this world as we know it will be gone and God will create a “new heaven and earth” without sin or death. Share the complete gospel with them—God created a perfect world without death; man chose sin and death and disease entered the world; Jesus took the punishment of sinners upon Himself on the cross; when we acknowledge Him as the only Son of God and Lord of our lives, we receive His saving grace.

Encourage them to fight for justice, but to do it God’s way, and to understand that God has told us things will get worse in spite of our efforts—but that one day soon Jesus will return to redeem the righteous and allow unrepentant sinners to abide apart from Him in hell permanently.

Parents, it is crucial you pass the ‘spiritual baton” to your children—He must become their God, not just yours. Meet with your pastor and youth pastor and make sure your children are learning the truth and love of God in His Word, not just being entertained.

Most importantly: First, dedicate time every week to read the Word and pray with your children. Be firm in this and do not allow yourself to falter. Second, be an example of a Godly father or mother to your children. They are watching and learning from every choice you make and every word you speak.