Sharing your faith with Muslims

Islam can be defined best as a social, political, economic system that uses a false deity to drive its agenda for worldwide domination. Their “holy books” include the Koran, Hadith and Muhammad’s biography. Koran means ‘submission” and Muslims are commanded to fully submit to the teachings of the Koran. But even by doing so, they can have no assurance of eternal life—except if they are martyrs in killing infidels (non-believers). This is the only way a Muslim can be assured of “heaven” according to Muslim teachings.

Not all Muslims are “terrorists in waiting” but they must be committed to jihad—peaceful or otherwise, to convert all people to Islam. Many in our nation just want to live and worship peacefully. Jesus died for all men, including Muslims, and they need the gospel of salvation.

Reaching Muslims with the Gospel

Muslims love to talk about their faith, so a good way to open a dialogue is to ask them about their beliefs. They see Jesus, whom they call Isa, as a great prophet, but subject to Muhammed.

Once they have shared their love of Isa, share with them who you know Jesus to be—God who took human form to pay the price for our sins.

Muslims are taught Christians worship three gods—making us apostates. It is important we share with them that we, like them, worship only one God—manifested in the flesh and living in believers with His Spirit. Muslims are fearful that they can do everything the Koran teaches yet can fall short of attaining heaven. When they see, by the power of God’s Holy Spirit, that they can be assured of eternal life through faith in Jesus as the Son of God, they may desire to learn more.

As with all evangelism efforts, only God can save anyone—do not press hard trying to ‘convert” anyone. Our job is to plant the seeds of the truth of the gospel—from there it is up to God. Having said that be prepared to answer Muslim’s questions if they want to learn more. Love them as Jesus commanded us to love all men, and be prepared to share the reason for our hope (1 Peter 3:15).

Do not approach Muslims out of fear or ignorance. Know the basics of what they believe and understand it is our responsibility to share the gospel with confidence before all men, planting the seed with the gospel and relying on the Holy Spirit to reach men. Pray for Muslims you meet that God would reach their hearts with His truth.

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