Family Resource Center

Parenting is perhaps the greatest responsibility, joy and challenge you will ever face. God has entrusted us as parents with a great responsibility to establish a firm foundation for our children in Him, so they will grow to glorify and serve God.

“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.”
Proverbs 22:6

The Word of God commands us to establish a strong biblical foundation in our children—and He promises if we do so the child will come back even if he strays for a while.

None of us have been or ever will be perfect parents. We have all made mistakes and will continue to do so. But if we work to establish our children in a firm foundation in God and His Word, their chances to lead a life of peace that glorifies God will greatly increase. Our children must be seen as the greatest investment and inheritance we have as parents. We must place the greatest of emphasis on developing a family anchored in the Word of God—by doing this we can establish a lasting Christian legacy for generations to follow.

Honest communication and instilling in our children that they can speak to us about anything is crucial. The best of children will be tempted and confused at times. If they know they have loving parents who truly care for them and will always act in a way that invests in their future, they will open up to us.

Spend meaningful, quality time with your children. Make them a greater priority than work, television or any other distraction. Pray and talk as a family. Build a bond of trust and mutual accountability.

Admit your imperfections as a parent and Christian. Children deplore hypocrisy, and it teaches them to become hypocritical. Make the worship of God in a solid community of believers a priority. Pray for your children. Value them, be honest with them, and be real with them. Lead them by example, showing them what a disciple of Jesus Christ looks like. They are watching and listening.