Early in God’s Word

Young children love to be read to and learn to read. At these very early and formative years, what they learn to read and what is read to them makes lasting impressions.

Read the Bible to and with them. Do not worry about getting into the nuances of deep biblical teachings—but be able to explain the fall and sinful nature of man—and salvation through Jesus Christ. Explain what a loving and just God expects of His children.

Because of their lack of maturity and wisdom, every problem a child faces tends to be viewed as a crisis. Help them understand that what they face is not as crucial as they now think—and that God uses our tough situations to teach us patience and wisdom—preparing us for fruitful lives on earth.

Observe what your children are passionate about and connect with them emotionally. Understand a very important principle of learning: the younger they learn right from wrong; and that actions have consequences, the quicker they will mature and develop and learn to say “no” to things of this world that bring temporary pleasure but devastating consequences.

Finally, make sure they know they can talk to you and trust you with anything they want to talk about. By building a bond of trust—with them knowing you are looking out for their best long term interests—your child is more apt to seek your counsel before they make a life changing decision, and seeking forgiveness after the fact.