Mushy Christianity

The day has sadly passed where we could consider every Christian Church or youth group “safe”. Progressive Christianity is downplaying the absolute truth of the Bible and encouraging Christian youth to develop their own beliefs and interpretations of the Bible. There is only one correct interpretation of the Bible: GOD’S! Our worldview must conform to His, not the other way around.

It is important that as parents we understand what our youth are being taught in youth group. Sit down with your Senior Pastor and Youth pastor and find out what their thoughts are on emergent theology, the seeker friendly movement, and the validity of the Bible. Find out what Christians the Youth Pastor admires—it will give you a strong indication of what might be taught or shared.

We have documented cases of some Youth pastors assigning reading to Christian youth from authors who teach a false gospel. It is crucial you know what your children are being taught, and who is influencing them in their youth group. Most Youth Group leaders are dedicated to helping youth, but some lack the spiritual maturity to discern wrong from right teachings on Christianity.

Understand that through emergent theology, the social justice movement and others, progressive Christian leaders often push a human agenda that can contradict with the Bible. At a young age, our youth are very susceptible to these false teachings that appear kind and loving on the surface, but often contradict the teachings of God’s Word. There are several growing movements within progressive Christianity leading our youth astray on issues of the inerrancy of the Bible, sexuality and marriage, universal salvation and religious syncretism.

Know what your children are being taught in youth group and everywhere. Help them establish a rock solid theology based solely on the Word of God—it will pay huge dividends for the rest of their lives.