Peer Pressure

At some point, your child will view the opinions of their friends as more important than yours as a parent—or at least they will be tempted to do so. Young people have a strong desire to be accepted and liked, and will often put themselves at great risk to earn the “friendship” of their peers.

The temptations of drugs, alcohol and sex will constantly knock at their doors—and they will have “friends” who encourage or even intimidate them into this destructive behavior. When we have an open, trusting relationship with our children—one where they feel comfortable talking to you about anything—they just may seek your wisdom and counsel before making very bad choices.

Our young girls are being taught by the world that unless they are physically desirable and willing to ‘put out” that no man could ever love them. In fact they will be pressured to “prove their love” by engaging in sex.

Our young boys are being taught that “real men” drink, act tough and “conquer” young women sexually. In fact the more sex they have, the greater “man” they are in the eyes of the world.

When your child decides they want to date it is important there are strict “dos and don’ts” in dating. A “one strike and you are out” set of rules must be clearly communicated to your child and the one dating them. Never allow your child to be in a position where they are alone and open to pressure or temptation for sex, drugs or alcohol. Warning: your child will see you as overprotective and not trusting them. Assure them it is not them personally that you don’t trust—it is their inexperience with all the bad things of this world.