Public Education

Sending your child off to public education is a life changing event. The public education system teaches a world view that is the opposite of biblical Christianity. The system will do all it can to wean your child off fundamental Christian beliefs you have worked hard to establish within them.

If at all possible, do anything you can to either home school your children or send them to Christian schools, particularly through eighth grade. There are also wonderful internet options available to assist in homeschooling. The more time you have to establish a solid Christian worldview, the better off for your child and family.

If these are not options, understanding what they are being taught and combating it with Christian teachings and values is critical. You must understand the real motive behind the National Education Association—to turn your children away from God and turn them into good little “global citizens”. This can be documented easily through their own website ( and by studying their history and their political, social and worldwide agenda.

Studies show that up to 80% of Christian youth leave their faith once they go off to college. There they are reinforced with the godless, humanistic agenda of public schools, and sadly many are lost never to return.

Again, please explore every option of homeschooling or private Christian education available. This may require a sacrifice of your time and finances—but it will be the best investment you ever make in the future of your children.