Job title and brief description of what you do here: Station Operations Manager. Q-Breakfast Club "other" with Scotty.
Date started service at Q90FM: October 8, 2013
Birth place: Paris, Texas
Your age when you gave your life to Christ: 49
Family info you want to share: Married to Katie, 3 children: Tasia, Korey, Patrick Ray, an old goldfish named Auggie.
What you enjoy in any spare time: Lurking social media, napping, recreational shooting, church security; serving where HE leads.
First paid job: Selling portable buildings
Favorite Food: Wife’s spaghetti
Cherished childhood memory: Family motocross racing on weekends
Favorite season in Wisconsin and why: Summer. It’s a lovely couple weeks break from the snow.
Favorite Bible Passage: Ephesians 5:20
All-time Favorite artist/band Q90FM plays: Matt Kearney
Why do you feel people should listen/support Q90?: It’s almost 30 year heritage in the community and thousands of loyal listeners and supporters glorifies Christ and His message of hope and reconciliation.