Job title and brief description of what you do here: Accounting, HR, Lights of Christmas & Community Outreach – I track all incoming donations and accounts, pay the bills and the employees when they’re good! June of 2016 I also took on the role of community outreach to help us serve our listeners beyond the music: Q-munity Game Nights and the Lights of Christmas outreach. I’d love to hear how you would like us to serve our communities!
Date started service at Q90FM: Feb 2015
Birth place: Milwaukee, WI
Your age when you gave your life to Christ: 23
Family info you want to share: Crash and I have 3 kids – yours-mine-and ours: Tasia (28); Korey (20); Patrick (10) and a goldfish, Auggie (6).
What you enjoy in any spare time: I am an “extreme crafter” – I love power tools and refinishing old, broken furniture. My mother and I do several sales a year just to get rid of what we made so that we have room to make more! I also “escape” by painting abstract art and scripture.
First paid job: Bussing/Waitressing
Favorite Food: Fresh raw broccoli. Just kidding – it’s chocolate. It’s always been chocolate.
Cherished childhood memory: What’s NOT to cherish about the early 80’s!
Favorite season in Wisconsin and why: Fall!!! The trees!! If I ever crash into you on the road, just know I was admiring The Lord’s work! How great Thou Art!
Favorite Bible Passage: John 20:29
All-time Favorite artist/band Q90FM plays: Newsboys
Why do you feel people should listen/support Q90?: In a day and age where big corporations are taking over, Q90 remains a true treasure in the community! When you support the Q, you are a co-owner! Your voice counts! We want to meet you, learn and grow in Christ, fellowship – you know – the way they did in Acts 2:42! We have time for you and you are treasured!