Job title and brief description of what you do here: On Air Host Mon-Fri 7-10:30PM
Date started service at Q90FM: Sept, 2017
Birth place: Manitowc, WI
Your age when you gave your life to Christ: 21
Family info you want to share: My wife’s name is Yvonne. We have been blessed with 6 children. Their names are Daniel, Sara, Stephen, Stella, Sean, and Emma. We have one Grandson Jackson and our second Grandchild Adeline is due to be born this November.
What you enjoy in any spare time: I love to run (32 marathons so far). My training buddies are my two Border Collies Jet and Maggie.
First paid job: Schmidt Car Wash in Manitowoc
Favorite Food: Totino’s Pizza Rolls
Cherished childhood memory: Camping with my Dad, Brother, Uncles, and Cousins at Jelly Stone Park in Sturgeon Bay.
Favorite season in Wisconsin and why: Fall. Love the colors, football and cool evenings.
Favorite Bible Passage: John 11:35
All-time Favorite artist/band Q90FM plays: Toby Mac/Mercy Me (Tie)
Why do you feel people should listen/support Q90?: To help share Christ through music, and sound Bible preaching to our listeners. To make an eternal difference in North East Wisconsin.