Job title and brief description of what you do here: Community Events, Engineer, Q-Breakfast Club "other with Crash
Date started service at Q90FM: Volunteering: 2/1/1994 – Fulltime: 9/1/1994
Birth place: Green Bay (I’m the ultimate ‘homeboy’ – living in the home I grew up in.)
Your age when you gave your life to Christ: Approximately 20 yrs old – it was a slow growth towards truth that took about 5 years.
Family info you want to share: The joy and greatest blessings of my life are my wife, Laura and kids, Hannah, Rachel and Evan
What you enjoy in any spare time: NAPPING
First paid job: Yard work for my father’s friend @ $ .75/hour, then Hardees @ $1.75/hour.
Favorite Food: Prime Rib, hot Buffalo wings or anything spicy!
Cherished childhood memory: Bike rides to Bay Beach with my older sister and playing Super Hero Teddy Bears (complete with capes – on the bears, not us) with my best friend, Todd.
Favorite season in Wisconsin and why: Fall, of course – beautiful colors, comfortable temps, little rain, no mosquitos. Who could NOT love it?
Favorite Bible Passage: Rom 8:28 – It says all things WORK for good, not all things ARE good… In this world we will face troubles but God can work even our most difficult situations to bring us good.
All-time Favorite artist/band Q90FM plays: Toby Mac
Why do you feel people should listen/support Q90?: Always uplifting & encouraging and, often, challenging.